The Only Way to Tour America is By Taking a Trip on the Golden Splendor

The famous travel writer Paul Theroux once declared that whenever he heard a train go by, he wished that he could be on it. This is a sentiment that many of us agree with. Traveling by train, it is safe to say, is the most relaxing and comfortable type of long-distance travel. Whether you are after stunning scenery, heritage stream trains, or luxurious carriages, you can get no better perspective of the world that we live in than when you are on a train.

The Best Way to Tour America

Many people around the world have the United States on their bucket list of places to visit. However, many people when they go to the States will end up just visiting one or two places. While this is obviously a great experience, there is more to the United States than New York City or California.

To have the best experience possible in America, we highly recommend that you hop on a train and have a nice and relaxing tour across the country. However, we do not recommend any train, no, we recommend that you book yourself a seat on the Golden Splendor – a heritage train that allows you to travel across the United States in complete luxury.

If you want any more great reasons as to why you should travel by train.  Who knows, after you have read this maybe you will also swap plane travel for train travel.

A Train Journey Like No Other

We guarantee that this will be the best train journey that you have ever been on in your life. Our train can fit up to 60 guests, so if you are interested and you see that there are some seat available, we highly recommend that you snap them up right away without thinking about it as the seats go very quickly.

The train comes equipped with large windows so you can be certain that you will not miss any of the spectacular views that are on offer. Furthermore, the large windows will allow you to take brilliant photos that you can show all of your friends and family members when you return home. Or, if you cannot wait that long to make them jealous, you can just log on to the complementary Wi-Fi and send all your photos over to them on social media. If you would like a 360-degree view, then you will be glad to hear that there is a glass observation room that will provide you with views in every direction.

Fantastic Food and Drink

Let us be honest here, no vintage train travel journey can be complete without some delicious food and drink. We know just how much of an appetite people can work up taking in all of the beautiful scenery and walking about the towns and cities that we visit. Therefore, when you return to the train in the evening after an excursion, we will provide you tasty food and drink, all included in the price. We cater for all needs, so whether you are vegetarian or a vegan, we have got you covered. Furthermore, we have a large selection of soft drinks available, so if you do not drink alcohol you do not need to worry about going thirsty. Furthermore, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why we will also provide you with some delicious food in the morning. We also have some of the best coffee in America!

While the morning and evening meals and drinks are included in the price, if you would like some snacks or a tipple during the afternoon, you will have to purchase them from our bar. You do not need to worry about being over charged (like you would be when traveling by plane) as we sell our food and drink products at very reasonable prices. In fact, you will find that the prices are similar to those that you find in stores across the country.